Getting Back to The Basic’s

Getting Back to The Basics

Welcome back guys! I’m excited about this article, getting back to the basic’s. In this new age of technology, we are constantly looking for the next “new” thing. That new workout, diet or pill that’s going to get us instant results. We are a society of instant gratification, with no work involved. We’ve all but lost that sense of a good day’s work, that feeling to have worked hard and be proud of what we’ve accomplished at the end of the day.

Maybe this is why so many people have decided that exercise or making changes to our diets are not for the average person but that of the athlete. Sometime in the early nineteen hundreds, “physical activity was no longer the medicine of the masses but the privilege of elite athletes,” reads Time Magazine. You can thank the insurance companies and government spending or lack thereof for the shift in our ideal about exercise and who can participate in getting fit.

I honestly sat down to write about the back and the different types of exercise, even my title was supposed to be a pun of the back. But really getting back to the basics is really about getting back to physical exercise and the health benefits. So for this article let’s take a break from our series of large muscle groups and discuss the benefits of exercise.

Billions of dollars have been spent researching the numerous benefits of exercise. Some of the benefits of regular exercise include cardiovascular function, lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure, improved lipid profiles and glucose control, positive changes in the function of the brain and in the epidermis at the cellular level. Exercise speeds up the cardiovascular system, pumps blood throughout your body delivering nutrients and fresh oxygenated blood keeping the body from fatiguing prematurely. Weight bearing activities build bone density. Exercise also decreases anxiety and depression, enhances feelings of well-being, speeds up the healing process of wounds, decreases incidence of several cancers, improves memory and “for now prevents or delays onset Alzheimer’s” according to Time Magazine. Studies are now working to understand how exercises may improve eyesight. So what does all these benefits boil down to? Exercise helps keep you looking younger, stronger, smarter, and reduces illness.  It just makes you feel better!

With all of the evidence pointing to better health and wellness why aren’t people exercising?  Time, is one of the answers I’m commonly told. My mom, Dinah Nichols born in the 1950’s, called while I was writing this particular article. We talked about what I was writing and I explained all the benefits of exercises and popped the question to her, “why don’t people exercise anymore, I remember you exercising growing up?” Her response, “Because times have changed. It was all about work when we were growing up, we got our exercises. You had to hand wash dishes after you pumped the water. You had to grow your own food before you could harvest it. You had chores to do, animals to feed, eggs to pick up. Now we have dishwashers, grocery stores and microwaves. You know Heidi, we don’t have a bit more time.”

Fear, has been another reason for not exercising, fear of either looking foolish or failing at something. This is where the battle of the mind is forged and conquered. You can have courage and be fearful. “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear,” says Ambrose Redmoon. Fear and anxiety are some things I’ve struggle with in the later seasons of my life, I was fearless in my younger years. Not debilitating fear just that nagging headache, anxious stomach and nauseating dread. I don’t do well with drama or conflict. It’s a waste of my time and I try and veer well away from it. But sometimes, …sometimes though, I find that there are things, people or opportunities in life that are worth stretching for, that something else is more important than my fear.  2 Timothy 1:7, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”. My fear and anxiety are just feeling, your fear and anxiety are just feelings. We make the choice daily if we are going to have a good day or a bad day. Children of God have power, love and a sound mind. It’s our birth rights, and “All the kindness of Jesus, it draws me in” sings Big Daddy Weave.

Money, is another reason that keeps people from exercising. You do not have to have a gym membership to work out or have store bought equipment. Some of the best exercises are the basic such as pushups, pull ups and situps.  Get outside and visit your local parks. Use empty water bottles filled with sand as hand weights. Bands are great to take to parks and tie off to work upper and lower parts of the body. Be creative and use house hold items for weights and turn chores into fun workouts. Gardening is a  great outdoor activity to work arms and legs. Dig in the dirt and grow something. Get your kids out there and get dirty and have fun!

Scientist are studying the benefits of exercise but the fact is undisputable, exercises is good for the body and soul. We’ve come full circle as a society. Once a people defined by history as a health conscience society is now a nation satisfied as being spectators.  We get our exercise sitting in the bleachers watching football or tuning in to the Olympics. Use that time to do something that is going to benefit you and your family. Get outside with your kids and start teaching them the keys to health. This community has too many opportunities not to do something positive toward a better life style. Change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s hard to start a habit but it’s well worth the uncomfortableness if not for you but then your children or grandchildren.

Remember, if you’re saving my articles you will have a total body workout at the end of this series.  You can find my WordPress page by hitting the contact button on my Facebook page, It’s a matter of the heart. Also don’t forget that you can participate in my 30/30 Cardio Challenge, Pika-Pika run, that gets you out in the community where we walk or do some form of cardio for thirty minutes daily for thirty days. This time you will only check in on Fridays to my Facebook page. This month’s drawing will be awarded to one lucky person.  They will win a diet and exercise consultation by me and a one-month free membership to Anytime Fitness gym here in Alma! Next time we will be back on our series, large muscle groups, the back.

I want to leave you with this thought. Changing our outside is the easy part, it’s science.  Changing the way, we think about situations and ourselves, well that’s the tough part. Nothing changes until we determine that we are worth it and we take intentional steps to correct negative thought and behavior. You have a heavenly Father that said you are worth it, you are dearly loved and you do count. My friend, I’ll talk with you next issue until then get out and get active!


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